A moving image piece inspired by two costumes designed and made by costume designer, Phoebe Chan which explores the difficulties of growing up as a first generation immigrant of East-Asian Descent in Brisbane, Australia. The frustration of this mixed cultural identities are represented by a diverse group of individuals of East-Asian descent. Although bounded together by the same pressures of cultural expectations (i.e. the 'expiration’ date of a single women in East Asian society and standards of beauty) and the oppressive nature of the western male gaze, these women are proof that these expectations are but just stereotypes, waiting to be challenged and dispelled.

16th August at ICA London, United Kingdom
ICA’s Self-Protection Manifesto Launch.

9th November at York, United Kingdom
Aesthetica Film Festival 2018

Art Direction and Casting


Afra Zamara Co-Director
Carmen Pellon Cinematographer
Phoebe Chan Costume Designer
Kahina Yahi Lamblin Editor
John Bringwolves Sound Designer
Philipp Morozov Colourist
Jack Hamilton Gaffer