Stranger(’s) Touch @ The Red Bus

The second iteration of Stranger(’s) Touch was a month-long takeover of the Red Bus at Somerset Youth Park.

A new series of household objects was commissioned by Singaporean designers and artists Jenevieve Woon, Moses Tan, Teo Huey Ling, Tiffany Loy, and Weixin Quek Chong challenging the idea of touch in unfamiliar ways. 

Referencing the visual language of lifestyle stores and magazines, the campaign images featured the items in a home environment. The social media posts were also designed to mimic trendy lifestore stores. 


Daniel Chong Co-Founder Designers
Chong Ng Photographer
Phoebe Zoe Ho Spatial designer
Art Director

Visit Stranger(’s) Touch website here

Supported by:
National Youth Council’s Realise Your Somerset belt Project Fund

Featured on: 
Plural Art Mag

The bus was reimagined as a concept store and visitors were encouraged to touch, hold and interact with the objects as if it was a store. All items were also for sale, with customised packaging, ready for gifting during the christmas holidays.

Over 850 visitors saw the show, many of which complemented the seamlessness of the art experience as the retail format allowed them to interact with the works in an unexpected way.

© Pixie Tan