Stranger(’s) Touch 

How does one highlight the beauty of the marks left on a old bar of soap? Or in this case, a collection of old soaps?

In 2020, artist-curator Daniel Chong asked if I was interested in working together to showcase an unpublish series - a collection of old soaps.

Interested in how branding may change the optics of what is otherwise a icky bar of soap, we devised a pseudo-retail store, co-opting the visual language of retail store brands, branding newly casted soaps as an desirable project .

Stranger(’s) Touch, both the name of Daniel’s soap collection and the retail store, became an art project that disguises itself as a beauty and retail brand, attempting to nudge the way we view everyday touch.

Working with designers, photographers and spatial designers, this was an art director’s dream come true, crafting the visual vocabulary of a semi-fictitious brand that created new exhibition experiences. 


Daniel Chong Co-Founder Designers
Chong Ng Photographer
Phoebe Zoe Ho Co-spatial designer
Art Director, Spatial Designer


Visit Stranger(’s) Touch website here

Exhibited at: 
March 2022
Crane, Arab Street

Supported by:
National Arts Council, Self-Employed Persons Grant.

Featured on: 
Plural Art Mag

The project manifested as a 2 week pop-up store in a co-working space in Arab Street, Crane, and also featured 2 other works by Tricia Lim and Phoebe Zoe Ho commissioned for the project.

Through this project, we had a taste of creating an alternative design store/exhibition format that opens up new ways of experience art and design.

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