Page Break Exhibition Design

Page Break is a 3 months work-in-progress curatorial project by artist-curator Berny Tan looking at how everyday objects and scenes are explored through the medium of the art book. 

The exhibition space was designed to be close to zero-waste and was created using loaned offcut materials from print production and waste collection facilities. 100kg paper bales were reimagined as tiered seating, partitioning out a thinking space for the resident curator. 

Paper cores were trimmed and assembled as bookshelves and plinths to showcase artworks and books. Finally, paper pulp was made from the offcuts and combined with the paper core to make benches that could also function as plinths. At the end of the exhibition, all the materials were returned to T2 recycling to continue their journey to new lives, 

Through this intervention, an exhibition of art books and the everyday also highlighted the possibilities of waste materials that we would otherwise forget.


Berny Resident Curator
Sean Gwee Made Agency

Special Thanks to 

Alex Tay of Wholesome Bookbinding House and T2 Recycling for the generous loan of the waste materials
Spatial Design

2022 - 2023

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