Fabricate / Fabricated 

Exhibited at Deviations in East London, 2019, Fabrications is a two-part instalation and performance piece at that questions out entanglement between our perception of the body and making for the body, Taking garments as a starting point, it is an inquiry into the relationship between the body and design. In Fabricate, bodice toiles are created in collaboration with dressmaker Yingyu Tan, exploring the processes of classification and “averaging”. Nearby, flashing gifs ask, how do our clothes alter how we see and know our bodies? Then, in the dark dilapidated basement, Fabricated is presented as an atelier, evoking notions of labour and care to consider a space that creates for us, rather than one in which our bodies are made. 

Photographs by Genevieve Leong and Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee.



Berny Tan Curator
Tan Ying Yu Dressmaker

Let the Good Times Roll

Invited by OuterEdit to create an engaging installation for the Street of Clans Festival as part of Singapore Design Week 2019, I organised a group of 5 multi-disciplinary designers under the collaborative model, TO THE POWER OF. 
As the festival was interested in bridging the gap between age-old clan values with the new generation through design, we drew from the various strength of our team member, combining sound design, set design and DIY Technology to create an interactive installation. Tasked to translate the clan value of Unity, crucial to the story of the Koh Clan, a surname clan in Singapore formed by early chinese immigrants, we used the characteristics of a Rube Goldberg machine and a life-sized Marble Run to build a kinetic - auditory installation that is activated only with the participation of more than one person.

It invites visitors to work participate by using balls to complete tiny quests that activate audio and kinetic elements. To see the installation in its full glory, visitors have to work together to activate its various elements. Teamwork is the name of the game here — only when all three balls are in place will the record player start the track and let good times roll. 

Art Direction, Interactive Design


Ng Fong Yee Team Member
Mark LimTeam Member
Lim Pin Han Team Member
Sebastian Wong Team Member

OuterEdit Festival Organiser
Street of Clans Festival 
Koh Clan Venue
Visitors  Acitvators

The Precariat Self-Help Assembly Site

Using the format of a degree show as a starting point, where both time and attention is limited and precariats are rampant, 200 copies of The Precariat Self Help Handbook were printed (mostly self-funded by working at a cafe along with some kind donation of paper by staffs and students at London College of Communications) and distributed via an assembly line. Short descriptions were used to help visitors understand the content of each chapter to faciliate the building of their own handbook. 

Art Direction, Interactive Design

Visitors  Acitvators